I taught M182 Ethnic Politics: African American Politics during the Summer Session A at UCLA in 2019.

  • Overall Rating (averages): 8.54/9 (Instructor), 8.545/9 (Course)

  • Overall Rating (median): 9/9 (Instructor), 9/9 (Course)

  • 19 Enrolled Students

  • 13/19 Evaluation of Instruction (68.4%)

Excerpts from Teaching Evalutaion,

Prof. Slaughter is a really great lecturer. She is probably one of the most organized instructors I have had at UCLA. She is also really passionate and excited about what she is teaching, which makes the class more enjoyable. She is also great at encouraging students who don't normally participate to participate.

Professor Slaughter was fantastic! She was my favorite professor and taught my favorite class this term. She is such a great lecturer. She encourages participation, funny, and engaging. I always felt comfortable to speak, answer questions, and share opinions. I have learned much from this course and that is due to her effectiveness to explain the material. Any university would be lucky (especially UCLA) to add her as a lecturer! They would not be let down.

I taught M182 Ethnic Politics: African American Politics during the Summer Session C at UCLA in 2018.

  • Overall Rating (averages): 7.55/9 (Instructor), 7.85/9 (Course)

  • Overall Rating (median): 8/9 (Instructor), 7.85/9 (Course)

  • 41 Enrolled Students

  • 33/41 Evaluation of Instruction (80.49%)

Excerpts from Teaching Evalutaion,

I have really enjoyed taking this course. Though the class is lecture-based, Professor Slaughter often stops and opens the floor to discussion thus allowing the class to engage in academic discourse. I've learned so much these few weeks & think that a course on African-American politics is essential...especially now. Thank you!

I really enjoyed the class. I feel that what I learned was very meaningful and important for my major and all other aspects of my life. I hope to use this information to impact and change peoples lives for the better. The pace was fast and the material was dense but it is expected for a summer course. The organization and assignments where excellent and very fair.

I really enjoyed learning more information about this topic due to my interest that I possessed already coming into the course. I do feel as though, for exams, the material tested for students was too specific. Though subjects were discussed, the specificity of the questions were so specific that it was difficult to answer certain questions. Overall, I enjoyed the course!!

Professor Slaughter has been one of my favorite professors. She is very well organized and genuinely likes what she is teaching and is very passionate about. She is also concerned about student retention and if we are understanding the material given that she has spent a lot of time on this topic. If I could I would take this class over again! I really don't see any weaknesses. She truly cares about the topic and her students.